Q:  What is All Valley Animal Rescue?

A:   All Valley Animal Rescue is a private, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. AVAR provides temporary shelter to abandoned cats and dogs until they can be adopted into a permanent home. AVAR is a limited admission, or "no-kill," facility that does not accept animals from the public.

Q:  What is a no-kill shelter?

A:  AVAR is a no-kill facility, which means we never euthanize because we have run out of space. It also means we are limited in the number of pets we can take in. AVAR provides refuge to pets who might be at risk of euthanasia at other animal shelters for reasons such as a treatable injury, illness or being too scared or too young for adoption.

Q:  Where do you get your pets?

A:   Primarily from owner surrenders taken in at All Valley Animal Care Center. We take in highly adoptable pets that have a treatable illness or injury, rehabilitate and treat these pets and then place them for adoption.

Q:  How do you decide which animals to take into your program?

A:   All Valley Animal Care Center’s doctors select animals that are at immediate risk of euthanasia and are highly adoptable.

Q: What are your adoption fees?
A:    The adoption fee includes: spay/neuter surgery, all current vaccinations, microchipping and all medical care/medication received at the shelter.

       Kittens and Cats

  • 6 Months and Under: $75

  • 6 Month and 1 Year: $50

  • 1 Year and Older: $20

     Puppies and Dogs

  • 6 Months and Under: $150+

  • 6 Months to 5 Years: $125+

  • 5 Years and Older: $75

Q:  Why do some of the pets have different fees?

A:   Fees are based on type of pet, rarity or demand of breed, the age of the pet, their length of stay and the amount of treatment provided.

Q:  What is the adoption process?

A:  Adopting a pet begins with contacting or visiting All Valley Animal Rescue.  An adoption counselor will talk with the family to determine a great fit between people and pets. Once they’ve chosen pet, they can spend time with it to further determine if it would be a good fit. If all goes well, the next steps are completing the adoption paperwork, paying the adoption fee and taking your new best friend home!

Q:  Can I adopt a dog or cat as a gift?

A:  Yes, if the person receiving the pet is in agreement to getting a pet and the pet is the right match. It is generally recommended that the person who will be responsible for the pet take part in the adoption process.

Q:  Where do you get your funding?

A:   Private donations and fees received from pet adoptions.

Q:  Where can I bring a stray dog/cat?

A:  If you found the animal in Boise city limits, Meridian city limits, un-incorporated parts of Ada County, Eagle city limits, or Kuna city limits you can bring it to the Idaho Humane Society. The IHS has animal control contracts with these areas and can accept strays found in these areas. If you found the stray in another city you can bring it to the IHS shelter and pay a relinquishment fee ($30/dog & $20/cat) or contact the animal control or shelter for your area.

Idaho Humane Society (208) 342-3508
Garden City (208) 472-2950
West Valley Humane Society, Caldwell (Formerly Canyon County Animal Shelter) (208) 455-5920
City of Star (208) 286-0440 (only houses stray dogs)
Mountain Home Shelter (208) 587-2111

When a stray dog is brought to the Idaho Humane Society they are held for 6 days while the shelter attempts to locate an owner. After the 6 day holding period, ownership of the dog is transferred to the IHS and the dog is evaluated for adoption. For cats there is no holding period required by law, but the shelter holds any cat that has a microchip or collar for 3 days to search for an owner before evaluating the cat for adoption.

Q:  Can I surrender my pet to AVAR?

A:   No. AVAR does not accept owner-surrendered pets. If the animal is injured or needs medical treatment, All Valley Animal Care Center or Pet Clinics may take in the pet and provide medical services for highly adoptable pets and move the pet over to AVAR or once the pet is ready for adoption. However, this is up to doctor discretion.

NOTE: For these cases, please contact All Valley Animal Care Center's hospital at (208) 888-0818 and allow the hospital staff to assist you.

Q:  Can AVAR  help with the feral cats in my neighborhood?

A:   No; however, you can contact SNIP at 208.968.1338 for information on their "Trap, Neuter, Return” program.

Q:  Why are there so many Chihuahuas and pit bulls?

A:  Chihuahuas and pit bulls are a popular breed in our community and people breed them for money. Unfortunately, the demand is lower than the number of animals being bred.

Q:  How can I donate?

A:   You can donate through our website here, at our facility or via mail: All Valley Animal Rescue, 2326 E. Cinema Drive, Meridian Id 83642.