Had an emergency Saturday before Easter. My lab had a puppy get stuck during birth. They took her back right away got stuck puppy and assisted her with remaining puppies! I now have a new vet! We are transferring care to All Valley immediately! Best care in town! Thank you All Valley!!
— Stacy G., (April 2017, Facebook Reviews)

LOVE this place! I have a (sometimes) high strung Yorkie with anxiety which can sometimes cause his trachea to collapse if he gets too stressed out. All Valley always lets me call ahead to reserve a room if one is available so he doesn’t have to be around other dogs. Dr. Loweth is the best vet we’ve ever worked with! She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. My dog just had a minor surgery yesterday, and Dr. Loweth even stayed several hours overtime to hang out with him until we were able to pick him up. The rest of the staff is great as well. If you’re looking for a new vet, this is definitely the place to go!
— Lacey A., (February 2017, Facebook Reviews)

I took my 5 year old doggo here hoping that they’d tell me he was just very sick with something. A little worse diagnosis I wasn’t expecting was that he had really bad lymphoma. They laid out all of my options and the pricing of each one. I decided that my pup had suffered enough and since there’s no cure, we decided as a family to have him put to sleep. All of the staff was incredible. They explained everything every step of the way and made sure my little buddy was as comfortable as possible when he went. Thank you guys so much. Especially our tech, Michaela.
I’ll always return here just for their compassion in such a tough situation.
— James M., (December 2016, Facebook Reviews)

OUTSTANDING care recently received for my dog. I utilized emergency hours care, regular office-hour visit care and overnight hospital-stay care. I would award TEN starts if that was available! I have nothing but extremely positive comments from my experience. First, having a facility open on a holiday weekend / Sunday at 10 pm, was incredible. This saved my pet from prolonged pain and suffering. Next, having my pet seen by experienced professionals who could efficiently treat and effectively diagnose a subsequent illness, along with the state of the art technology and 24-hour intensive-care services saved my beloved pet from experiencing even more pain and discomfort. The doctors are caring and wise and the front desk staff and techs were also very efficient. Finally, the costs associated were MORE than REASONABLE considering the availability, services and level of professional care my pet received. My dog and I will be clients for life! Thank you, All Valley Animal Care Center!! We are very grateful you are there and thank you for your fine staff.
— Donna C., (September 2016, Google Reviews)

I would never go anywhere else! You are treated as though your animal is the only patient. They always remember who my animals are! I love the 24 hour service, I actually just got off the phone about my cat who had surgery. The receptionist knew exactly what it was and even gave me little tips to clean. Thank you, thank you, thank you all valley!
— Jordan A., (July 2016, Facebook Reviews)

My little Miss had to have surgery suddenly early Sunday morning. All Valley staff was amazing and so understanding through the entire experience. I was encouraged to call with questions and while she was at the hospital I was encouraged to visit as often as I wanted. Every person I met with seemed to genuinely care and I believe Miss got the best care available. All Valley also honored the price they quoted prior to surgery...even after complications came up during surgery. Thank you!!
— Dani R., (March 2016, Facebook Reviews)

I needed 24 hour care for my dog Jackson. He had seizures and i was nervous about boarding him whole i visited family for the holidays. We were adjusting the dosage of his meds and i didn’t realize most dogboarding isnt staffed 24 hours. All Valley gave me a tour of their facility answered my questions. The Tech met with me when I dropped him off and gave me a full repeated i picked him up. I was grateful and reassured that we got great care.
— Liz S., (February 2016, Facebook Reviews)

Needed to bring my Pup Lily in for an emergency visit. The staff were so nice, and were very efficient and professional! They all took great care of her. Also, they were able to care for her for a very affordable fee! Definitely will return!
— Kristin P., (January 2016, Facebook Reviews)

Just about 4 years ago I had my first dealing with All Valley Animal Care in Meridian. I had to have my 20 year old kitty put down. I could not have asked for a kinder more compassionate group of people. Now we have a 16 year old doxy and she is having some back issues. We had a regular vet, but had to take Millie in on a Sunday in August. We saw Dr. Megan Ware, she is fantastic!! Just this last Sunday Millie had to go back for the same issue, the same medications didn’t work as well as the first time, so last night (Friday) we found ourselves visiting again. This time we saw Dr. Matthew Goldrick. He is fantastic also!! We have another prescription to get and hoping this combination does the trick. At 16, we are just hoping for comfortable days - and she does run our house!!!
I had some wait time also, for Millie, but good Lord people, have been to a human ER lately? You could die in the waiting room!!!! Cut them some slack on the wait times!!
Everyone I have had contact with, from the lady vacuuming the entryway to the vets have been so kind, caring, compassionate and understanding I couldn’t ask for more.
Thank you to the whole wonderful staff. I appreciate you.
— Patti H., (November 2015, Facebook Reviews)
We own a very small toy poodle who had the misfortune of breaking her foreleg in two places at the tender age of 20 weeks. We took her to All Valley Animal Care Center in Meridian Idaho. That is where we met Dr. Lake. Dr. Lake monitored the healing process making sure the bones did not shift and also that the pup continued to grow normally. After the fact, our poodle looks normal and has full range of motion in that leg. During the initial 7 week healing period, we had to make numerous trips in because our pup had soiled her bandage, or got sick from medication, or simply required a recheck. On each visit Dr. Lake listened very attentively, addressed our concerns, and was very gentle with our tiny pup. Dr. Lake and the rest of the staff at All Valley were so exceptional that even after so much trauma, our poodle shows cheerful recognition of those individuals who worked with her there. Once while waiting in the office, I chatted with a woman who had to stop while passing through town because her cat had a diabetic emergency. She told me she was so impressed with everyone at All Valley Care Center that she wished she could pick the whole hospital up and move it to her home town. She made a good point, we are very lucky to have skilled and compassionate 24 hour veterinary care right here.
— J. St. Charles, (October, 2015, Google Reviews)
Dr Abby and Dr Lake rock, and the techs are friendly and treat my dogs with care. I made the mistake of switching to AMC due to budget reasons, and my dog suffered for it. He had an infected paw back in May and the docs at AMC could never find anything wrong, but would happily push pain pills and antibiotics at $160 bucks PLUS office visits, then tell me he’s overweight and try to sell me diet food. My dog is a great pyrenees/golden lab, a golden pyrenees. They’re big. He was a flabby 140 when I got him in 2012, but he’s a stout 128 now.

Finally, with his paw getting worse, I took him back to All Valley in June, and in 1 day they determined he had an infected pocket in one of his toes, xray’d it and told me they had to operate. If I had waited any longer, the infection could’ve spread to his leg and he could’ve become septic, and they would’ve had to amputate it. He had not one but TWO docs operate on him, and I took him home that night. He had 4 follow ups with techs AND docs that included bandage changes, wound care and drain tubes, and they never charged me as post-op care was included!

And they think his weight is just right for a dog his size.

All Valley treats my dog like a member of the family. He actually gets excited when I pull into the parking lot!

I also love that I can bring him by in the middle of the night (I have insomnia) and get him weighed periodically as they are a 24hr medical center.
— Tom B., (September 2015, Google Reviews)
4 years ago I brought my son’s kitty to this hospital after he went to bed one night. I wasn’t sure what was up, but she wasn’t eating. They were babies together, but she always thought of him as her kitten. She would climb up and get in his crib, sleep with him, try to groom him, get between other animals and my son and exert her alpha. They diagnosed her with liver failure. It wasn’t cheap, compounded medication, an esophagostomy tube later, and she got a lot worse before she got any better. But I couldn’t put her down when my son went into the bathroom where we had her quarantined every night and said to her “please don’t die, I love you.” If you ask me today, it was worth every penny! They are both 10 yrs old and inseperable! She waits for him when he gets home every day, then the routine is he greets her, goes and sits on the couch, puts up the foot, she jumps up and sprawls across him, his signal to start petting her. And she still sleeps with him. We have tried to deter and discourage, but it is no use. And now she talks to him all the time, when before she was our quiet kitty. All Valley Pet saved our girl! And my son’s heart from breaking....
— Victoria H., (August 2015, Google Reviews)
All Valley Animal Care is the absolute best!!! We have been trusting them to care for our furry family members for over 14 years! Dr. Ross, Dr. Knighton, and Bobbi have shared our celebrations and heart aches with us throughout the years! The entire staff is so caring! We feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place!
— Tammy E., (August 2015, Facebook Reviews)
All Valley is the best veterinarian clinic hands down! They’re very affordable and very professional! Dr. Niki at the Boise office is kind, gentle, informative, helpful, and overall amazing! We wouldn’t take our pets anywhere else! Thank you All Valley for always taking care of our family!
— Alyssa N., (July 2015, Facebook Reviews)
I have a cat who is NOT EASY to deal with when he goes to the vets... we have had bad experiences with OTHER vets, but the VET we saw yesterday was SO AMAZING! She was so easy going and so KIND! I WILL be taking him back there for now on! I can’t thank them enough for being so kind to my little man!!!
— Amanda M., (March 2015, Facebook Reviews)
Our 15 year old lab mix had a massive seizure (her first) Sunday night. Being that our regular vet office wasn’t open we called, then took our dog to All Valley. From the start they took her back to be examined and gave her valium to calm her. We were immediately taken to a private room where the doctor came in and talked to us about her condition. We agreed to leave her overnight for professional observation. We were able to go back and visit her twice before leaving for the night. We were told that we could call or visit anytime during the night if we wished. Everyone that we came in contact with that night was courteous, compassionate and professional while my husband and I were emotional wrecks. Our dog was better the next morning and had no more seizures during the night. We took her home the next afternoon and followed up with our regular vet office. For our experience, we couldn’t have had a better one under trying circumstances and appreciated the way in which situation with our beloved pet was handled
— Laurie S., (February 2015, Google Reviews)
I will never be able to say how thankful I am to the team here for saving my cat, Oliver! They are a wonderful place for animals to be cared for and fixed :) not only did they save my baby’s life, they fixed the heart of our family. We will never be able to repay them!
— Sara B., (February 2015, Facebook Reviews)
My dog had been scratching his ears and it was getting progressively worse. They were able to get me a same day appointment on a Friday when I called in the morning and said they would squeeze me in even though they were booked up. I met with Dr. Dale Lake who listening to my concerns and answered all of my questions. His recommendations were excellent and before they performed any services another girl came in and gave me a lowest and highest estimate for what the services and tests would run. His technician seemed a bit rushed on explaining how to apply the antibiotics in his ear but Dr. Lake explained it to me again in a much more detailed way to help make me feel comfortable. A day later he called me a left a message to see if how my dog was doing and if he had improved. He gave me the results of his tests and said if I had any questions to contact him. I have never had a vet do that. That is going the extra mile for me.
— JoAn E., (January 2015, Google Reviews)
This is where my wife and I take our dogs for all there needs. The doctors are so good with my two dogs, a Husky and a retriever. All Valley never makes us wait and were in and out. Also they have military discount which is ten percent of the final bill. I like All Valley so much I’ll be bringing my Husky back tomorrow for a grooming and on the 23rd for another appointment.
— Michael M., (October 2014, Yelp)
Everyone here was and always has been wonderful to us and our cats. Especially 14 year old Foo that I rescued out of Nogales when he was a kitten. He traveled all over the country with me and even saw the Grand Canyon (people thought he was a hairy Chihuahua), and he loved to ride in a car, and would sit in the passenger seat. This last many months he was stubborn and went outside where he got hurt, we got him better the first go round, but the second didnt work so well, he was so sick, he cried( he needed help to go home), and put his paw on my face and purred, my face was on his, he rubbed his nose on me and was gone (I lost one of my best friends)...all the people in there, there was not one dry eye, everyone said goodbye including the critters...everyday he is missed...everyday he is taken his catnip...if it was not for All Valley this could have been horrible....they are loving, kind, compassionate and honest no matter how difficult it maybe. All critters are important to them as they are not just critters, they are friends.
— Jackie E., (September 2014, Yelp)
Dr Sheryl Kepping and her staff are wonderful. They helped to make the crossing over of our beloved pet Bella peaceful. We thank them so much and are grateful they have a 24 hour service. Thanks again.
— Brett and Teri R., (July 2014, Yelp)
We take all the animals to All Valley. Our pets are always well taken care of with complete exams, follow ups and knowledgeable and friendly staff. 24 hour staffing and quick freeway access are a major plus as well.
— Luke M., (July 2014, Facebook Reviews)
We love All Valley Animal Care. They were very caring and compassionate when we had to put our beloved Toby down. It was a very difficult time for us. They sent us a very touching condolence card, which meant so much later. Recently, my son took his cat in for an exam and they let Shawn participate as he is interested in being a vet tech. We love the people there. They are awesome!
— Heather B., (June 2014, Facebook Reviews)
Great service, professional, affordable, good communication. This team has taken care of my two dogs since their birth (2008); great knowledgeable vets; great grooming, and I would not take my dogs anywhere else for boarding. I have used services of other boarding facilities since the early 80’s; this facility is fine. Their 24x7 drop off/pick up and convenient freeway location adds to the convenience. The same hours for vet care made me switch from other very capable and excellent vet’s in the area.

Affordable? When compared to other ‘hospital’ vet’s in west Boise/Garden City, All Valley gets the nod. I had received $1,000+ estimates for services at other facilities; I took the pets to All Valley and ended up paying 40 - 60% less.
— Chuck W., (March 2014, Google Reviews)
Dr Knighton does it again! My little Betharoo needed a miracle to fix her heart, and he was able to successfully fix her heart condition called a PDA with surgery. She’s a homeless dog and she didn’t have anyone to help her! He helped her!! She’s made it through surgery because of his skills, now she just needs to keep up the good work of recovering. Thanks again All Valley for having such caring and wonderful staff.
— Heather A., (January 2014, Yep)
Wow, I have ALWAYS had very good experiences at this hospital! I’ve seen nothing but caring personnel with my pet. I have a Cane Corso which received the utmost in professional and competent care. She has a difficult condition of her leg to diagnose and the dr’s at All Valley took on her case with a ton of experience to pull from to help her. I’ve always been impressed by the compassion and experience the dr’s at this hospital have. Some of these dr’s have treated various pets of mine for many years and I would always feel very good recommending them. My children have been allowed throughout the hospital to see the clinic and visit our pets. It’s always very clean and the staff has always been courteous. Dr. Knighton has always been a compassionate and knowledgeable Dr. for all the various issues I’ve taken to him with my pets. I truly don’t understand these negative comments. And our Ruby thanks the dr’s for helping her!
— Kim S., (January 2014, Google Reviews)
As a member of the Boise area community for over 30 years I have utilized just about every veterinarian within a 100 mile radius. I more recently moved to California and I have yet to find in either state, a facility that provides a quality of service at an affordable rate that could rival that of All Valley and its personnel. From the moment my pets have gone through the door there, the compassion of the staff for an animals well-being is apparent. Dr Knighton is as good as they get for animal care. I just wish he would open a hospital in California!
— Devin D., (September 2013, Yelp)
All of the techs, receptionists and vets at All Valley Animal Care Center are extremely compassionate and will research, research and research more to try and find a cure for your animal. I would not recommend anyone else, and there is no one else that will touch my animals. God Bless them all.
— Leanne S., (December 2012, Facebook Reviews)
I have a lab that got hit by a car. I was pretty sure she was gone, but luckily this clinic is open 24 hours. I swung by hoping that there would be something a vet could do (I never take my animals to vets) They took her in, and had to operate and after an hour they said she’d be alright. She stayed in their ICU, I know... an animal hospital has an ICU? Anyway, she stayed in their ICU for a few days and was doing very well when I came to visit a few days later. I told them I couldnt pay the entire bill up front, and they made a payment plan I could easily afford. I was also able to pay a portion of my bill using Care Credit, which I use for a lot of my other medical expenses! This place is great, I’ve found the only vet clinic I’ll be bringing my animals to from here out out. Unless I move :)
— Mikel R., (October 2012, Google Reviews)