Erin C., Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician

Before moving to Idaho in 2008, Erin grew up in San Diego, California where she also received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. A few years after graduating, Erin realized that being around animals had always been a huge part of her life and that aspect of her life needed to stay that way. After trying several small animal jobs such as grooming and dog training, she ultimately realized she wanted the challenge of working in the medical field, hence becoming a Veterinary Technician!

Erin enjoys the rigor of working in an emergency hospital where she works in the Intensive Care Unit caring for critical patients, surgical recoveries and medical boarding pets. In order to better care for her patients, she always looks for Continued Education courses throughout the year to improve her skills and further her knowledge about the field. She is also currently working on her board certification and obtaining her Veterinary Technician Associates Degree.

When Erin isn’t leading her team at AVACC, she enjoys spending time with her husband, who is a Park Ranger that she’s been happily married to for almost 14 years, and her son and daughter. They love spending time outdoors and playing games with their 5 year old border collie, Flip, whom they rescued from Canyon County Animal Shelter when he was only about 4 months old. Flip is a sweet and silly dog and he loves to do anything outside. He tolerates the kids but is most happy when chasing a ball or Frisbee! 

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