Sara P., Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant



Here is my pic with my dogs Arie age 6, Bishop age 3, and Tucker age 10. I also have a cat named Spooky age 17, and a tortoise named Shelly with a very long life ahead of her. I got into the veterinarian world when I started volunteering at a vet clinic.  Within 3 days I was hired.  I became a kennel attendant in 2005 in Washington where I quickly began doing technician work. I moved back to Idaho in 2006 and worked as a technician for a year before going to AVACC.  I was previously an emergency technician working nights from 2007-2013 at AVACC, I took a break from teching for a year and came back to AVACC as a billing specialist.

Ever since I was little I have always had a deep sense of compassion for animals and being able to help animals at your job makes you feel like you are doing maybe doing just a little good in the world.  I am very lucky to have a position at AVACC that allows me to do something different from what I have done for the past decade, but I still get to utilize my skills when needed. 

I was born and raised in Boise, ID.  I moved to the Washington coast for about 3 years but started missing Idaho.  I love doing anything with my pets, including hiking, walks through the park, or camping.  On my free time I love gardening with my boyfriend, cooking, baking, jewelry making and spending time with close friends.

The perfect team to care for your pet.