Canine Senior Wellness Package


Canine Senior Wellness Package

330.00 400.00

Recommended for all dogs 8+ years and Giant Breed dogs 6+ years

•Biannual wellness exams
•Any vaccines needed
•Complete Blood Count
•Comprehensive Blood
  Chemistry Profile
•Complete Urinalysis
•Thyroid Screen
•Annual Fecal exam
•Heartworm test
•12 Month Supply of Iverhart (heartworm preventative/dewormer)
•10% off dental services
•5% Off All Other Services for 1 Year (lab work included)
•5% Off Emergency Services for 1 Year at Our Meridian Location

A $400+ value for ONLY $330

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Want only the best for your canine companion?


Senior Wellness GOLD

Includes all items from the regular package


  • Full Abdominal Ultrasound (screen for tumors, masses, bladder or kidney stones, adrenal glands, liver changes)

  • Chest X-rays )screen for signs of cancer, tracheal collapse, heart enlargement, or lung changes)

A 760+ Value for ONLY $529

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