Zeke is a strikingly handsome and amazingly good natured husky who has endeared himself to all the staff and doctors who meet him. Zeke was an unlucky boy who found himself at a shelter. His first adopter returned him to the shelter when he found out that Zeke has a type of skin cancer called a Mast Cell Tumor. Thankfully, Zeke’s current dad could see he was a special boy and adopted him anyway, determined to help him as much as he could.

The mass has been biopsied and determined to be “low grade”, which means a lot less likely to spread. We have also checked for spread with ultrasound and bloodwork and lymph node testing and have not found evidence the cancer has spread at this time. However, it is located in a spot– on his ankle (tarsus)– that makes it very difficult to remove. To preserve his leg, Zeke’s owners have opted for surgery to debulk the tumor, which was performed this past weekend. In a couple weeks, he is headed for Washington State Vet Teaching Hospital for a new and somewhat experimental treatment called “electrochemotherapy”. This involves several treatments where a chemo agent is injected into the tumor site, and then shocked with an electric wave. It is a good alternative for owners whose time and/or financial constraints do not allow for radiation therapy. We are hopeful and excited for Zeke!