Pet Diabetes

Q: Ok, so we're talking about pet diabetes. What exactly is pet diabetes? Is it the same as humans?
A: It is basically the same. There are differences to each species, but the idea is the same. The blood sugar is uncontrollably high and the body's insulin system isn't working to keep the blood sugar regulated. There are a couple of different way that can happen, but are probably too detailed to go into at this time in the morning. One interesting thing is if dog's get diabetes it is always what we would call "Type 1" in a human where they have to have insulin. Cats can get "Type 1" or "Type 2," meaning some cats you can get into remission with diet and insulin and eventually be able to take them off of the insulin. 

Q: What are the signs? 
A: The signs are rapid weight loss, increased drinking and eating. Those are kind of the basics. I also have people bringing in pets that don't feel right, they are nor eating how they used to or they are eating ravenously but losing weight. These are all things you should bring in a pet for though-diabetes or not. There is something definitely going on.

Q: Do you see this a lot? In cats?
A: We see several cases a month I would say. We have a few kitties that have diabetes that are coming in often that are coming in to get their blood sugar monitoring and so forth.

Q: How do Veterinarian even test for diabetes?
A: We test for blood sugar. Usually we are running a whole blood panel, because we need to know more than just what the blood sugar is. But, they actually do make little blood sugar monitors that are designed specifically for dogs and cats. So, you can monitor at home if that is something you are inclined to do. 

Q: Let's talk treatment options. A little warning here for viewers here, you are about to take out some small needles. Treatment is something that owners have to do?
A: [Diabetes] is treatable. You have to commit to a very solid routine. You need to be prepared to give injections twice a day. Dogs for life, cats possibly for life. What I wanted to show you is a standard vaccine syringe and needles and that's how big it is [shows a very small needle]. This is an insulin syringe, you can barely see it, it's just like a hair. I have people hear that I'm asking for them to give injections and they are just terrified! I just wanted to show you, that the needle is not that big, and you can learn and we can help you!

Q: Let's talk a little about Martian, does Martian have diabetes? I have to ask.
A: Martian does not have diabetes. He is a young adult, healthy cat! This is just his day to be on TV!