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Ozzy came to us unconscious and severely traumatized after being pulled under a fence and attacked by 2 larger dogs. He was in critical condition. 

He was treated aggressively for shock and head trauma. He also had extensive bite wounds to his hind end and neck. After 24 hours, he was conscious again. However, he began to suffer systemic consequences from the severe inflammation insulting his system.

The decision was made to proceed to surgery to remove the dead and infected tissue that was making him sick. He survived the surgery, but continued to have systemic problems. His platelets were low, his liver and kidney values were elevated, he was nauseous and anemic and not eating, and it appeared he was headed into multi organ failure (SIRS, or systemic inflammatory response syndrome). His prognosis was very guarded. But, Ozzy didn't seem like he was ready to give up. And his owners weren't ready to give up, and neither were we!

He was treated aggressively with plasma transfusions, antibiotics, liver protectants, GI protectants, anticoagulants, nausea meds, and partial IV nutrition. After 12 days in the hospital, Ozzy got to go home! He came in for his final recheck exam today. His sutures were removed and his bloodwork showed all values back to normal! We will never forget Ozzy and his incredibly nice owners!