This handsome and gentle giant was visiting us recently and had no problem watching out the office door window. Atticus came down with an unexplained fever a few months ago. Initial testing failed to find a cause and he seemed to get better at first. A few days later, however, he was declining again. We noticed a mildly increased respiratory rate and rechecked chest x- rays. This time they showed a tiny amount of fluid. The fluid was tapped and found to be a bacterial infection- a condition called pythorax. Moderate to severe pythorax cases require chest tubes for treatment and several days of intensive care. But in Atticus' s case, it was found so early and was still so mild it could be treated with aggressive antibiotics. Now he is doing great! His case is a good example of why sometimes tests need to be repeated. It is also a good example of how addressing potential illnesses early can save a lot of pain, suffering, and money.