Ben was hit by a car and suffered lung trauma. He had both bruising in his lungs, and as time went by he started to develop a collapsed lung (medical term called pneumothorax). Pneumothorax develops due to rupture or tear of a lung lobe. Air leaks out around the lung, and the lung becomes steadily compressed.

Fortunately X-rays identified the condition early on, and he was closely monitored. His progressive difficulty breathing was noted and the doctors quickly performed a chest tap to remove the air accumulated around his lung, allowing his lung to expand again. He needed a second tap a few hours later, but thankfully never progressed to needing a chest tube.

The next day he was doing well and able to go home. Here he is at his 3 days post-discharge recheck. He's doing great! And he's such a love!!! Take it easy another couple weeks though buddy!!