Christmas Safety

Christmas dangers for your pet. 

Q: We're here to talk about Christmas dangers. So, what are some of the holiday hazards for your pet? 

A: As far as foods are concerns, this is going to be a little bit of a repeat from Thanksgiving, rich things, bones from carcasses, cooked and raw-bones are risky, chocolate candies, wrappers that candies can come in, and the bags and so forth. The [wrappers and bags] still smell good and [the pet] just figured the wrapper is part of the candy.

Q: How about Christmas trees in general. Are Christmas trees safe?

A: I have seen one puppy that ate a significant portion of a Christmas tree. Let's just say, that the family's present budget was spent on my extracting the  tree surgically. The [tree] can cause obstruction, irritation, some of the trees' sap and the leaves can be toxic to them. The tree smells interesting and you may also have popcorn or cranberries that can make the tree seem interesting to your pet. (Point: Make sure to always supervise your pet around the tree!). 

Q: How about the decorations you might find on the tree or around the house? Any stuff you need to watch out there?

A: The lights can be risky, in their own right as far as eating them and getting them caught in the gut. Also electrocution is also a risk. And tinsel, that long stringy tinsel-cat's love it-and they love to eat it! And it loves to get stuck in their intestines! [Finally] depending on your ornaments that can be varying levels of breakable and sharp. 

Q: We also hear about Poinsettias. What is the deal with Poinsettias? 

A: They are in a group of plants that can be extremely toxic. Actually, Poinsettias are on the less toxic end of the scale compared to some of their cousins. But, they can cause irritation, vomiting, diarrhea- so, they can definitely ruin Christmas! One of the other classic Christmas plants is Mistletoe. So, Christmas is just fought with danger! 

Q: Ok, so let's talk about Mary Lou! She is up for adoption. She is a Boxer, and she is a beautiful dog, but it looks like she had some surgery?

A: Yes, she came to us several months ago after being hit by a car. She had broken pelvis, broken hips, head trauma-this little girl really went through the ringer! The doctors at All Valley have really put a lot of work into her. She's had multiple surgeries [so we could put] everything back together. She just got spayed... Considering what she's been through, she has a pretty Sunny disposition! 

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