MYTH BUSTING: Puppies Shouldn't Be Social Until Fully Vaccinated


"You should never take your puppy anywhere until they are fully vaccinated."

While this was often recommended in the past, we now realize that there is a very important "socialization window" from about 6-16 weeks of age in puppies. If we wait until they have had all of the boosters, we miss this important window.

Dogs that are not exposed to positive new experiences with other dogs, new people, kids, etc may never be as well adjusted as they would have been. And since behavior issues or aggression can be a common reason for people to re-home, relinquish, or euthanize their pets, socialization can save pets lives as well as prevent bite injuries to other pets and people.

Socialization involves meeting other animals and humans and having positive experiences during those encounters, several times a week, during this critical period.

That means that places like dog parks, foothills trails, and other places that are highly frequented by dogs are NOT a good place to socialize your dog. 
Ways to safely socialize your puppy include puppy classes, that serve other healthy, vaccinated pups in a controlled and predictable environment, as well as friends and neighbors with healthy, vaccinated dogs who are known to be non-aggressive with other dogs.

Also, meeting kids, elderly people, people with handicaps, and many others helps your dog be non-reactive around strangers in the future. Short daily walks near your house helps pups learn about different sights, smells and sounds as well.

Socialization is truly important!!!