This handsome boy is a miracle! About 3 years ago, Guy became very ill. He was running a high fever, his liver values were elevated, and all his blood cell lines were depressed much below normal (red cells, white cells, and platelets, which are all made in the bone marrow). He also had some other abnormalities. After further testing, which included a small sample of his bone marrow for analysis, it was found that Guy had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). While the books say that many dogs with CLL can live a year or more with chemotherapy, Guy was so sick that we were not sure how he would respond. In addition, Guy's owners were initially very hesitant to try chemotherapy, worried it might make him suffer more. After further discussion, a limited chemo plan was attempted, consisting of an oral chemo drug called chlorambucil, and an oral steroid called prednisone . Guy takes both meds every other day. He immediately started to feel better and... Well....that was 3 years ago! Guy lives a pretty normal and happy life despite his meds, which he tolerates very well. Although we know that at some point the leukemia will return, there is currently no sign of it. Guy has reached a happy old age and is certainly setting some records in the meantime. He is such a happy reminder of how sometimes pets just don't read the books!