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Lilly was first diagnosed with kidney and bladder stones a few years ago. She had surgery to remove her bladder stones. Unfortunately, surgery to remove kidney stones can be very dangerous and usually is only done if the stones are going to obstruct the kidney. Sadly, this was the case a couple years later for poor Lilly, and she had to have a stent placed in her ureter at the specialty center. All was well again until recently, when she came in lethargic and in pain.

Ultrasound showed that the stent had now clogged with stone debris, and one of her kidneys was obstructed again. Efforts to drain the kidney using ultrasound guidance were minimally successful. The kidney at that point was so damaged that it wasn't even really functioning.

In order to save Lilly's life our team had to remove the obstructed kidney. It was a tricky surgery, but Dr Megan Ware did a fantastic job! Lilly just came in for suture removal and her kidney values on bloodwork are normal and she is feeling great again! We are very happy we could help this adorable girl and her super nice parents!