Don't you just want to kiss that cute little worried face? Marcel is a sweet Bichon who also happens to be an unusual and interesting case. Several months ago, Marcel's mom noticed something wasn't quite right. He seemed more restless, and he was drinking more. He had gained some weight and his belly looked more round. And he was trying to eat things he wouldn't normally be interested in. After some bloodwork, an ultrasound, and additional testing, it was found that Marcel had a small tumor on his adrenal gland. It was producing too much cortisol and causing his symptoms. In addition, the excess cortisol was causing his blood pressure to be dangerously high, which was probably responsible for his restlessness. After discussing medical versus surgical options, his owner decided to medicate. He was given a drug called Lysodren which shrinks and destroys adrenal glands, along with blood pressure medications . We had anticipated it would be hard to control. But the opposite occurred - it worked quickly and completely destroyed his adrenal glands, along with the tumor. At this point, there is no sign of the tumor! Marcel is off his blood pressure medications. He must be on medications that supplement the adrenal hormones that are now deficient. However, his mom reports he is back to his old self again at home and doing well. We are still having to make medication adjustments, and we will need to monitor long term for tumor recurrence. But if the tumor does not recur, his long term prognosis is good. We are happy for this sweet little guy, and for his amazing and dedicated owner.