Rosie the Rabbit

Meet Rosie! Rosie is a rabbit who had trauma to her top incisor teeth from biting her cage. She fractured them off, but the roots still remained. Under sedation, Dr. Veals removed the visible fragments and trimmed her remaining teeth. With time, the teeth may grow back and not need full surgical extraction. Rabbits are herbivores that are designed to eat a diet comprised of a wide variety of vegetation. All of the rabbit's teeth grow continuously throughout their life to compensate for the pronounced wear created by long periods of chewing on abrasive foods. They have a total of 6 incisors (the teeth you see in the front): 2 upper sets and one set lower. Dental disease is common in the pet rabbit. Diet is the best means of prevention and is essential as well in treatment.

Your pet's teeth should be thoroughly examined at least once a year. If your rabbit does develop dental disease, there is a good possibility it can be controlled effectively if diagnosed early.