Rescue Ruby Rose

Each year, thousands of horses are abandoned and left to die by desperate owners who are no longer able to care for them. Luckily, there are many rescues and caring people that seek out these horses and have the heart to rehabilitate them. This was the case for Ms. Ruby Rose who was rescued by the All Valley Animal Care Center. 

During a staff member’s horse ride, she noticed a few horses in the distance that looked extremely thin and weak. Later that evening, she called the lead veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Knighton, and told him of what she had witnessed. After discussing the situation, Dr. Knighton decided it was that duty of the care center to try to rescue these horses.

The next day, Dr. Knighton and a few staff members began their rescue mission. After riding for over an hour, they finally found two horses, one who had already moved on and one still alive and in desperate need of help. 

The horse, which was later named Ruby Rose, willingly came over after seeing the staff and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief after she was loaded into the trailer.

Ruby Rose is still in desperate need of veterinary care, shoes, dental work, medications, supplements, feed, hay, and stall bedding. In order to provide Ruby Rose with all of the care that she deserves, we are asking for donations from the local Treasure Valley community. 

Any and all donations will go directly to helping Ruby Rose. We at the All Valley Animal Care Center deeply appreciate any kindness and generosity that you can show this sweet angel.
For any other questions about Ruby Rose or to donate a good or service, please call 287.3105 or visit our Go Fund me account: