Zoe has finally been released from All Valley Animal Care Center and is now in a forever home with an amazing human being, Mary. Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc., Inc. flew Zoe us from HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona back in early October. She had a broken jaw and was in desperate need of a dental procedure. All of our doctors had a hand in rehabilitating Zoe. Dr. Knighton performed the surgery on her jaw, Dr. Zann carried out her dental, and everyone participated in her continued care on a daily basis. By November, Zoe was doing well and had her feeding tube removed and began eating on her own. However, early last month Zoe began vomiting on a daily basis. We rechecked bloodwork and performed an ultrasound and found out she was having some issues with her liver. She began treatment for liver issues and went to surgery to be spayed and had a liver biopsy taken. Thankfully, her biopsy results show a likely good long term prognosis, and her liver values have improved almost back to normal. She was able to go to her forever home yesterday! Many tears were shed as she left us, but we couldn't be happier for Zoe to finally start having a normal life with a person that will love her unconditionally. Her new owner reports that once she got to her new home, she became a different dog- bouncy and excited! She was so happy to be back in a real home again and out of a kennel. We are SO grateful that Zoe is finally in a loving home, just in time for Christmas!

We're able to take on these cases because of the donations we get from the wonderful people in Treasure Valley. Thank you for your support! To help us save more animals like Zoe, you can donate athttps://goo.gl/UGFpUJ.