Sassy was such a brave, sweet patient, which is why we can’t believe anyone would be cruel enough to shoot her with an air pellet gun! The bullet entered Sassy’s abdomen, penetrating her colon in 2 places, her small intestine, her pancreas, and finally lodging in one end of her right kidney. She is such a trooper that you would never know how sick she was when she first came in. Sassy went to surgery, and Dr Kevin Knighton did a fantastic job repairing the damage, including having to remove a small portion of her intestine. She stayed at the hospital for almost a week. For awhile we didn’t know if she would make it. But she did and her owners report she is doing well! We are so excited for Sassy and her loving, devoted owners. We are also proud of our excellent doctors and staff who helped Sassy pull through this ordeal. Sassy, you’re one special and fantastic kitty!

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